I spent tonight attending a health care town meeting in Northern Virginia sponsored by Rep. Jim Moran and he had Howard Dean with him.  It was a shout out by both sides, but, overall, I thought Moran kept it under decent control.  Probably 70-80% were for the health care bill.  I’ll write more about it tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to see what the MSN say, but, for now, I want to mention that Randall Terry was there.

As has been reported before, Terry is disrupting town hall meetings.  Tonight, he again staged his “skit” outside before the meeting.  randall-terry

Then, inside the meeting, as soon as Dean came up to speak, Terry stood up on his chair and started trying to shout out Dean.  Moran took the mic and identified to the crowd that it was Terry and that Terry had said yesterday that he was going to attend the meeting with the specific goal of disrupting it.  Terry kept shouting while most of the crowd shouted and booed at him.  Moran said that he was going to have Terry escorted out, but he gave Terry the option of having the the first question in the question and answer session if Terry would settle down.  Terry kept shouting and was escorted out.  (Salon has this blog.)    I can’t tell you how upset I was about this.  Terry is a deep scar upon this country.